A Greenhouse changed Ghada’s life for better!

Ghada barakat, is a 44 years old widow and mother of seven.

Her oldest son Hasan just graduated high school but due to the rough economic situation of the household he was unable to enroll to university, the three younger sons are still in school, the youngest being in fourth grade, two of her three daughters have gotten married and moved out of their home.

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The Delivery of 6 Agritourism Microbusinesses in Jenin

This January Caritas Jerusalem has selected the beneficiaries of the Agritourism Grants within the project.

These grants aim to contribute to territorial development, in particular to the rural remote or forgotten areas such as the Jenin Governorate in which this project is implemented.

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A honey harvesting success story in the countryside of Jenin

It includes 6 beehives projects in Zababdeh, Burqin, Faqou’a, Aba and Deir Abu De’ef areas that are currently on going.

The beneficiaries were working hard throughout the harvesting season and were able to harvest almost 548kg of honey. They are already in the process of preparing the beehives for winter in hopes of redoing this process again the upcoming year and achieve even higher quantities.

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Bee’s changing the life of a family

Suzan Al Omari (22 years old) is a married woman from Faqou’a village who lives with her husband, (Amir, 30 years old), her in laws and 8-month-old baby.

Amir is an unskilled laborer who works in Jenin on and off on a daily basis with an average monthly income of NIS 1,800 (app. EUR 430) and Suzan is a homemaker,

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Building a Greenhouse, creating an opportunity

Salam Nasasrah (27 years old) is a married woman from Deir Abu De’ef village who lives with her husband and two children, Hala (4 years old) and Karam (2 years old).

The only breadwinner for the family was her husband who used to work in Israel in construction but was injured during work and lost his job. The family was left with no income and depended on charity and handouts.

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Monitoring Mission in the Field

During Caritas France – Secours Catholique’s monitoring mission, a visit was conducted on Febraury 10th,2020 in attendance of Aurore Faivre – Head of the Mena Desk ; Benoix Xavier Loridon – Head of the International Action and Advocacy Department ; Vincent Destival – the general secretary of SCCF and Catalina GARCIA -International projects officer , Caritas Jerusalem team and Mr. Basem Hammad General manager of Agriculture Directorate in Jenin.

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Second visits for Agrotourism applicants has been conducted

From the 5th to the 6th of December, Mais Zidan, The project coordinator and a member of each municipality conducted the field visits. During their field visits, they collected all the required data to complete the questionnaire based on a face-to-face meeting with the applicant. Continue reading “Second visits for Agrotourism applicants has been conducted”

CJ supported a Cultural Event in Al Zababdeh

Caritas Jerusalem supported the Christmas Tree lighting in AL Zababdeh village. The cultural event took place on the 18th of December and included tree lighting ceremony, Christmas market and Scouts performance of Christmas songs and carols. This cultural event is very important for the village because it promotes the village in many different fields; culturally, economically and tourism. Continue reading “CJ supported a Cultural Event in Al Zababdeh”

Final Handing over for the second batch of the greenhouses

A handing over committee that consists of representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture, Marj Bin Amer municipality, the contractor and Caritas Jerusalem visited the installed greenhouses in the area of Faqou’a, Deir abu De’ef, Aba, Arraneh, Jalboun and Arrabouneh in order to continue the second and final handing over phase and to write a snag list if any comment founded.